Alberto Zamarbide began his career as a vocalist in the band W.C. After a year of work and some presentations in Buenos Aires, he organized what would be the first heavy metal festival held in Argentina in March 1981 at the Chacarita Juniors Club in the Chacarita neighborhood, Buenos Aires Aires. Soon after, Zamarbide is disengaged from the group and goes to Brazil for a while.

Upon his return, he meets Ricardo Lorio, who invites him to sing in V8. Since then Zamarbide and Lorio worked together, through all the formations of the band. In the pursuit of a spiritual search, in the midst of an internal climate of addiction and uncontrol, Zamarbide finds the way out by converting to evangelism.

After a few years with his friend and colleague Miguel Roldán he founded Logos, and from there on, both continue working together until the present. In 1993, they released their first album with Logos, La Industria del Poder, presenting it together with the German Accept; Produced by Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio), record Mutant Generation (C 1995), released in the United States, Puerto Rico and Spain and Third Act by the end of 1997, recorded live in Buenos Aires in the Auditorium Promúsica.

In 1996 he closed the concert of Homage to V8 during the Metal Rock Festival, held at the Estadio Obras de Buenos Aires, together with his former teammates Osvaldo Civile, Gustavo Rowek and Miguel Roldán, playing the old V8 hits. With this training they record the only live album of the band, and even in March of 1997 they are the opening act of the show of KISS (with the original formation) in the Stadium River Plate of Buenos Aires.

In mid-2013 a statement from the official Logos website affirms the separation.

In 2014, he unveils his new international project, called Primal, along with Jorge Iacobelis on drums, Glenn Rogers and Wagner Vicenzy on guitar, and Sandy Vazquez on bass.

They have already released the first cut “Afflictions” of their future debut album. In 2016, Primal released their first self-titled album, with a total of 12 songs.